HNC Business: Managing People and Organisations - January 2023

This unit is designed to enable learners to gain an understanding of different approaches to managing an organisation in today’s dynamic and complex business environment. It will introduce learners — whether intending to or working in an administrative, commercial or management role — to current management theories and practices to enable them to use these to evaluate organisational effectiveness.

This unit will introduce you to the nature of work organisations, approaches to management and leadership and factors affecting individual and team performance. The unit should provide you with an understanding of the theories behind management, organisation, and employee performance and how you should apply these theories to organisational situations. The basic nature and functioning of work organisations, in general, will be explained and you will examine different approaches that may be used to improve individual and team performance through effective leadership and management. To assist your overall understanding earlier theories and models will be described but concentration will be placed on more modern approaches and ideas that review the management styles and roles regarded as necessary for organisations of the 21st century. The unit will also explain the alternative methods by which work organisations can be structured.

On completion of this unit, you will be able to identify and apply knowledge of organisational, management and leadership theory and practice to a range of given situations.