Innovation Management Systems (AMC516) : January 2023 (cohort) & September 2023 (cohort)

Innovation is considered one of the most important aspects for the students to understand. It is accepted as a critical contributor to the development of companies and society at large. The course aims to provide relevant theoretical and practical knowledge and tools to students necessary to understand, anticipate, acquire, use, and manage innovation systems for attaining superior performance and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Furthermore, the course provides a context and introduction to innovation, what it is and how it links to creativity and other business models such as business excellence and organizational learning. The module introduces why organizations innovate, and how innovation can be managed, especially in the service and public sectors. The course is taught through a mixture of lectures, case studies and industry visits.

The lectures will cover a range of areas concerning the management of innovation, including motivations for innovating, how organizations can protect their innovations using intellectual property rights, the nature and organization and management of “research and development” (R&D), the management of creative people, processes and teams, the management of product, service and experience innovations, the adoption and use of “open innovation”, and the adoption and use of frugal innovation (Jugaad). These discussions and industry visits closely complement the topics covered in the lectures to reinforce the ideas and give them a practical application.